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Sonic the Hedgehog: Sonic 64, Nintendo 64Cancelled

Other Smash Bros Characters: MarioLinkWii Fit TrainerVillagerRosalinaLittle MacSamusIce Climbers,GreninjaMaroizard, Mega Man

Back in the era of Nintendo 64, it was preposterous to even THINK of Sonic and Mario gracing the same console, and here we are several Olympic games later, and now prepping for their 2nd Smash bout >:]

-The Regressor

P.S. How does Sonic even remotely resemble an actual hedgehog? He is so far stylized that he could easily have been a made-up creature lol.

Accepting commissions: starting at $15! More info here
Software used: Autodesk Maya 2009, Photoshop CS4, After Effects CS4
Made while watching: X-Files

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