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Kingdom Hearts 0.5 SD DeMIX: Sora, Riku, and Kairi: Palm Tree Scene

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Original Character posts: SoraRiku, Kairi

This was a fun little project. Intended for the sky to have a day night transition, but the gif size was far to large. May make a very short video of it in the future…Goes very well with Dearly Beloved (youtube)

-The Regressor


Accepting commissions: starting at $15! More info here

Software used: Autodesk Maya 2009, Photoshop CS4, After Effects CS4
Made while watching: Star Trek Next Generation

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    *sniff* You people and your talent.
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    I wish N64-style polygon graphics as a form of stylization were more of a “thing” like 8-bit graphics. And this is a...
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    It reminds me of FF VII graphics, the entire first KH game done like FF VII would be pretty interesting, especially for...
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    This is kinda cute, it’s all… Final Fantasy 7-ish. Even though I bash 7, I still enjoyed it as a kid.
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