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Commission: “Relic the Pizza Shark and Scampi's and his girlfriends' OCs 

Decide to post the two of them together since they are together. Relics’ design loosely reminds me of an anime-esque version of what Street Sharks might look like. Still, a fun couple to model and texture!
(The cloths were slamr’s request)

P.S. Another few commissions over the next 2 weeks are still in the works, with another being posted tomorrow. Will try and regress a series sometime between commissions if I can. Maybe Shulk from Xenoblade…

Software used ~Maya, Photoshop, After Effects~

So would you do an actual person if commissioned?

Ofcourse! A character can be anything: yourself, your OC, your furry, your pet, your super hero/heroine, whatever!

As long as it is fun for me to model (and ya know…you pay me…), I have no real reason to deny your commission :)

Will be adding this question to the F.A.Q.

Commissions Closed for a week

Received more commissions faster than I can complete them.

For anyone that is contemplating on asking for a commission, I will be open to accepting them again on *September* 7th!



  • I have not pointed this out before, but I have a Current Commission’s page here, where I keep track of what I’ve started and who is waiting to start.
  • Also added is a F.A.Q. page here, not limited to commissions, but the-regressor related things in general.
  • Commission pricing and details here (post) or here (page)

Thanks for understanding and being awesome! 


I bet you get this ask a lot, I've tried finding if you have a link to the sidebar featuring a FAQ of sorts. What modeling/rigging software do you use? Is it Mac compatible?

Update: Here a the FAQ

I use Audodesk Maya 2009 for all my 3D stuff (modeling, rigging, animating, and rendering).

There is Maya for Macs, though I have never used it on them, so I cannot say how well it performs on them.

And yes, a FAQ is a good idea, will make one, thanks!

Modeling Commissions: Low and Medium Poly
*Updated August 25th, 2014*

The much over due update I’ve been planning for the past month. I have less free time now due to group projects, but demand has been increasing, so time to adjust what I can offer at what prices :)

View the commission page here or previous commissions here

*****Average Prices Breakdown for one Character with prop*****
(Not set in stone, can vary based on complexity, just guidelines)

$20~$30: Nintendo 64/PlayStation quality – Model, texture, and if needed, rigged and ready for animation

~$60~$100: Dreamcast quality - model and texture, and if needed, rigged ready for animation.

~$15 Short Animation (1-3 sec): In addition to model price.

~$100+: Anything more detailed than Dreamcast level. Price is negotiable based on character/texture complexity; we can talk :)

Step 1: What I need from you:

  • Reference image(s): Photo, drawing, sketch, whatever (T-poses works best, but I can work with almost anything)
  • email address to contact you, if you want better-than-tumblr-quality-gifs, or need the model files/textures for personal use.

Step 2: Let me look over it and respond before paying anything!  I will let you know such and when I’ve started and how long it is expected to take.

Step 3Pay (please!) the agreed amount! Paypal Donate button on my tumblr or click here

Step 4: Depending on the complexity of your request, it will be done typically in 2-3 days, expect longer for more complex/detailed models.

Step 5: What you get: Still image of final render and geometry, turn-around of final render and geometry, and animated gif if requested/paid.

I can also upload the model to browser 3d viewer Sketchfab if requested. It allows for anyone to view models in rotatable 3D in your web browser, no installation or software necessary!

Want more than one character/model/prop modeled?

  • Can negotiate pricing on such if you intend to be a repeat customer :)

Want the actual model files?

  • Additional cost, but Models, textures, and/or rigs are available upon request Just ASK

Questions, suggestions, concerns, don’t like something: PLEASE speak up! 

Few Detail Rules:

  • Its preferable to have a front, side, and back view, but I am able work with less if there is no detail on the back, or is obvious.
  • I am not a character designer, please don’t ask me to “make something up” or “use my imagination” on your character: As commissioned, my job is to simply translate your 2D concept into a 3D model. I am not a good character designer…
  • Will be under 1000 polygons. As few triangles as necessary to achieve the desired profile and silhouette, while maintaining a low poly aesthetic.
  • You will receive the watermark-free images/gifs and in higher resolution than what tumblr allows.
  • I will post a watermark version of the commission on the Regressor crediting you with a link to your blog (if you want).

Any and all of these rules are subject to change and revision depending on customer/fan feedback.
Feedback, suggestions, concerns, questions are always welcome! My inbox is always open.

You all are the best!
- Mark  (a.k.a. The Regressor)

Top/Bottom examples from left to right:
(links to commission and user respectively)

Moth - lazymoth
Sick Flamingo" - krystalcoconut
Blu deAni/Teala Hart" - mahoukokorohime
Eferibus - villainsvoice
Emily Wingate angrilyeverafter
Eye Ball Shaun" - 

and Avatar of lillydachic

Search “commissions” tag or click here for all examples and previous commission posts.

Mirror’s Edge 64

Fake Description: “Mirror’s Edge 64 was to be a revolutionary first person game well ahead of its time. Taking advantage of the awkward 64 controller, developers intended to give the players the most realistic immersion possible on the 64. The control set-up allowed for independent control not only the head and body, but also manually aim faiths eyes for greater range of view.

The character model of Faith too was an achievement in itself as well: she had real time articulated and animated fingers! Sadly, due to too many technical and financial constraints, Mirror’s Edge 64 was scrapped.” -

Personally, I’ve love to play a game like mirror’s edge is stereoscopic 3D, or even better, the Occulus Rift XD

Software used ~Maya, Photoshop, After Effects~
Commissions starting at $20! More info page here, post here

Mirror’s Edge 64 - Faith Connors

Free runner and parkour expert, Faith Connors! I would really love to seen the whole in the cel-shaded style!  Could have been so fluid and smooth~!

Had my mp3 player on shuffle and “Still Alive" played; reminded me how much I love Mirror’s Edge! Easily one of my favorite First Person Non-Shooters. I love the sense of vertigo and scale in it!

LOVED animating for first person animation, I might do more of it in the future :)

Software used ~Maya, Photoshop, After Effects~
Commissions starting at $15 ! More info

Is animating a low poly model more restricting compared to a higher poly model?

No, I consider low poly more liberating personally.

With higher poly models, especially when leaning towards realism, you have to be careful not to fold, clip, or collapse parts of the model in on itself; it just looks wired and out of place when working with more polys.

With low poly models, it fun to exaggerate and break the rules; no pressure to be constrained by “realism” or that one obscure poly not skinned correctly. Not to say low poly animating is easier, but it is very refreshing not having to worry about the (sometimes) extreme details that often come with higher poly.

imagedetail link





We prepared for 8 months for this moment, to pitch this game to the public and see if we can drum up enough interest to help us get the budget we need to get the project rolling. More info about the Kickstarter soon. 



Pumpkin-Online is a Harvest-Moon / Animal Crossing inspired mmo currently in development by indie game company, Pumpkin Interactive, we need a lot of support to make this happen so please follow, and spread the word about us

Hello everyone!  My name is Mark Jenkins and I’m the Lead Modler/Animator at Pumpkin Interactive. We are team of Indie Developers from all over the U.S. and we’ve been working on an extremely tight budget. However, in order for us to move forward we need your help! Depending on the amount donated you get various rewards upon completion of the game as well as rewards sent to you during development. Find out more in the links and video above! Thanks again! You all are the best!

Commission: “Eye Ball Shaun's OC

A fun unconventional character. What I wonder: how does the cigar…? Maybe its best not to ask those sorts of questions lol

Software used ~Maya, Photoshop, After Effects~

have you ever tryed pixel art for your low poly renders?

As in rendering out sprites using 3D renders? Or doing actual pixel art by hand done to look like low poly renders?

I have done low res 3D renders as pixel sprites before, but not traditional pixel art. Its a bit more tedious than what I prefer. I should upload some of my college work, I’ve an example of it there. Personal reminder this is ;)

Commission: “Fae the Magicalfernys' OC

Been a little white since I did something fun a cute, thanks fernys! :)

Software used ~Maya, Photoshop, After Effects~
Low poly commissions starting at $15 ! More info

Commission: “Mourning Owl" a Metal Gear Solid OC for thesorrovv

You have a good friend in krystalcoconut; they commissioned it :)

P.S. I never knew Metal Gear Solid OCs were a thing, but I’m liking them :P

Software used ~Maya, Photoshop, After Effects~
Low poly commissions starting at $15 ! More info

Commission: “Teala Hart" for mahoukokorohime
-3D view here

Another one for mahoukokorohime, the alternate form of Blu deAni (link), the non-magical Teala Hart. 

Reminds me, I watched the new Sailor Moon: its pretty good. Not sold on the apparent CG transformation scenes though :/

Software used ~Maya, Photoshop, After Effects~
Low poly commissions starting at $15 ! More info

Heya! I was just wondering what do you use to create texture maps? I've been doing guesswork for my texturing and it never works the way I'd like it to (Y'know 'cause I'm guessing how the image would look on the shape... doesn't work out usually > p <) So yeah! It would be neat to know how you do it (O u O)!

Check out this similar question (link) it might be more of what you are looking for, if not please continue reading :) 

Before doing any texturing, I always look at the models UVs (pronounced U-VEEZ). They are coordinates on a 2D plan that map how a texture image is displayed on a 3D mesh. They can be rearranges, scaled, rotated,cut, sewn together just like like the mesh, but only in a 2D plan. In maya, it looks like this, will be using Captain Falcon for this example:


From there, when the mesh or any of its pieces are selected…


…they correspond to a location in the UV editor.

How the UVs are arranged is entirely dependent on who modeled it: arranging UVs is like doing a puzzle with the exception that all the pieces need to make sense to you (or whoever else is texturing). I typically put a models head and face UVs secions in the upper right, bodies on the left, feet on the bottom, etc.It all depends on the complexity of the model, if pieces can mirrored or not. All factors to consider when modeling.

As long as you (or whoever else is doing the texturing) are able to tell what is where, there is no *wrong* way to UV. That goes without saying, you want to make the best use of space in the UV editor, try not to have large gaps of nothing.

But before I actually do any texturing, I make sure the UVs are laid out properly. A good way to tell is by using a checked texture, Like this one:

v Feel free to use one and all! v


^ Feel free to use one and all! ^

If the squares are not deformed or stretched when applied to the mesh, then the UVs are good, if not, simply move UV points, sew edges, split edges, scale, rotate, etc as needed. It can be time consuming, it can be tedious, but worth the effort to get a good texture.


See any distortion?


Yes, some of the squares and number “3” are stretched beneath his armpit, that mean said texture would also be deformed if I textured without accounting for it. But since that particular area did not have much detail or focus, I left it as is, and said distortion is hardly noticeable with the final texture applied.

Was bit wordier than I intended, hope that helps :)

P.S. I must confess: doing UVs is my ABSOLUTE favorite part of 3D modeling. I cannot stress enough how much I love arranging pieces into nice organized works of art ready to be textured OvO

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